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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the school office is open for essential business only. You may call the school office at 503-363-9408 for more assistance or information. If you have any financial concerns or questions, contact Mr. Starr at 541-660-4327 or email at or Mrs. Kroschel at 503-580-5488 or email at

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Dear Livingstone Families,


It feels good to finally getting back to getting into a routine following the fires and smoke.


This week and next our students will be busy working their way through the triannual MAPS growth assessment. This assessment will provide us a solid measuring stick at the beginning of the school year so that when we can accurately measure each student’s growth over the year.


Thursday, Oct. 1 at 6:30 p.m. we will be holding LAA’s Virtual Open House, parents should receive an invitation from your child’s teacher to join in the Zoom to hear what is happening at Livingstone as well as what is happening in your child’s class(es). We hope you all can join us.


As we move into the fall season and cooler weather, we know to expect an increase in some students becoming ill. During normal times, students would simply remain at home during their time of illness and symptoms and return 24 hours after their fever was gone. Sometimes we would see a student or two returning with a sniffle or a cough that was resolving and did not appear contagious or serious.


This year, in light of the pandemic, the following are guidelines and scenarios that should serve as a guide as to what to do if your child is sick.


Primary and other associated symptoms of Covid-19:


Cough, fever, chills, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing. Muscle pain, headache, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting nasal congestion, and runny nose.


If you Child becomes ill:


  • If your child is feeling ill, please keep them home and notify our office.

  • Anytime a student has a fever (99 degrees or greater), they should remain at home until at least 24 hours after the fever is gone.

  • If your child is not displaying any primary or associated Covid-19 symptoms they may return to school when they are well, and they have not had any fever for a minimum of 24 hours (without the use of fever reducing medications).

  • If your child is experiencing primary or associated symptoms of Covid-19 they must remain at home and are advised to receive testing for Covid-19. Covid-19 testing can be sought through Marion County Health Department, your physician/local health provider, or by contacting local urgent care facilities in the areas. Covid-19 rapid testing results are available in our area and results can be obtained after within a matter of minutes following the test. Anytime students are experiencing primary symptoms of Covid-19, please inform our school office so we can be made aware.


If your child is ill with any of the Primary Symptoms of Covid-19, but does not get tested:


  • If your child is experiencing primary Covid-19 symptoms and you do not seek out a physician or Covid-19 testing, please inform the school immediately so that we can be made aware and contact others in their cohort and collaborate with local health authorities. Your child must then remain out of school for a minimum of 10 days from the onset of symptoms, improved symptoms and no fever for 24 hours without fever reducing medications.


Tests Negative: 


  • If Covid-19 testing results are negative and your child was not in close contact with someone with Covid19 in the last 14 days, they can return to school when they are well, and 24 hours after fever is gone (without fever reducing medications). Please inform the school of test results as soon as possible and prior to student returning. 

  • If an ill student has a negative Covid-19 test and they were in close contact with someone with a confirmed Covid-19 case, they should be sent home. Parents should notify school office so they can be made aware, communicate to other cohort members and document date. Even though the Covid-19 test was negative, the ill person is still considered a “presumptive case” because of close contact. This ill student should isolate at home for 10 days since first symptoms appeared and until 24 hours after fever is resolved without fever reducing medication.


Tests Positive:


  • If your child tests positive for Covid-19 symptoms, please inform the school office immediately so that we can be aware, inform others in their cohort and in collaboration with local health authorities determine how we will respond (contacting families or going moving to distance learning for their cohort or the overall school). Student is to remain home for a minimum of 10 days from onset of symptoms and a minimum of 24 hours after symptoms and fever are gone (without fever reducing medication). If siblings were exposed they must remain home in quarantine for minimum of 14 days. If multiple household members become ill, length of quarantine may be greater than 14 days if the exposed person cannot avoid continued close contact.


Exposed to confirmed Covid-19 case:


If your child and/or their siblings has been exposed to someone in or outside their household with confirmed Covid-19, but they are not showing symptoms they should remain quarantined at home for at least 14 days after date of exposure, notify our school office to record the date. If your child becomes ill during quarantine, contact the school again so they can be made aware and record the date. And that student should remain out a minimum of 10 days from symptom onset, symptoms are improved and no fever for 24 hours (with no fever reducing medication). If siblings were not exposed to confirmed Covid-19, they can continue with school as long as exposed sibling remains healthy.


While I did hesitate to share all of this in a newsletter, I believe it is worthy to do so in order for us to be aware and provide everyone information to give all of us the best chance of staying healthy. The good news is that if your child is one that needs to stay out for 10 days-2 weeks, we offer comprehensive distance learning where they can still jump in on-line and stay up with their class when they are well enough to do so.


If you wish for further information regarding Covid or considering different scenarios, please refer to LAA’s blueprint, or communicable disease management plan found on our school website, visit Oregon Department of Education’s website or call our school office.




Mr. Personius

Principal, Livingstone Adventist Academy

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