Community Service Days

Elementary School - Monthly 1st Wednesday

High School - Monthly 3rd Tuesday


At Livingstone Adventist Academy we believe in the active power of faith. Jesus calls us to exercise our faith through service. We believe that service grows your faith and changes your life. Surely the words of Christ to His disciples in Matthew 25 were to take care of those less fortunate or who are in need. May we all live up to that example!

Costa Rica

Every Spring Break (Seniors)


Since 2005, the graduating classes at Livingstone have chosen to utilize their senior class trips in ways that serves others. Most recently, these service trips have taken place in Southern Costa Rica on the Osa Peninsula. Before and during our Spring Break of 2016, we will continue to work alongside a Costa Rican SDA church to continue the building of an Adventist educational center of learning that was started in 2009 by previous seniors. 


While in Costa Rica, we plan to divide our time between community outreach, assisting the local members in continuing the building of the new Adventist school, and sharing testimonies with the local people (as well as practicing our Spanish).


This is a tremendous opportunity for us to share our Christian faith with others who live in an environment that is very different from what we are accustomed to.


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