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PE Teacher (K-6)

As a PE Teacher, you will be an individual who loves working with children and is an important figure in helping young people lead healthy lifestyles.  They face an increasingly important role in helping combat youth obesity.  Their passion for sport, and physical activity and healthy living should inspire, motivate and educate students as to the benefits of physical activity which includes the joy and social interaction for its participants.  They will lead lessons with focus on: motor skill development, participation, cooperation and teamwork.

Key Responsibilities:

·       Plan, organize and deliver lessons consistent with the physical education curriculum of students’ grade level

·       Organize skill development and game situations for pre-school through sixth grade

·       Engage students to participate and cooperate in motor activities that furthers motor and cognitive skill development

·       Supervise/monitor lesson activity providing instruction and feedback to students


·       A firm but compassionate individual who loves working with children whose mission is to help teach students how to lead a healthy lifestyle and find joy in doing so.

·       Strong leadership and communication skills

·       PE teachers must demonstrate athletic skills, so remaining in physical shape and modeling good health is also critical.

·       Strong knowledge in sports and physical activity

·       Associate degree or 2 years of college


2 ½ hours, twice weekly

Wages dependent on experience level


As a classroom assistant, you will work under the supervision of a certified teacher.  A classroom assistant enjoys working with students and helps create a nurturing, learning focused environment for our students.  Generally the teacher is responsible for introducing new material to students. The classroom assistant works with individual or small groups of students to help reinforce concepts taught and help students master the material.  Classroom assistants provide valuable feedback regarding student progress, and can also help with helping to score assignments. They can help with lesson material preparation. Under the direction of the classroom teacher, classroom assistants can also be used to help supervise students in the classroom, gym, or playground area.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Provides individual or small student group re-teaching and reinforcement 

  • Helps students understand a concept

  • Understands teacher’s routines in the event the teacher is absent on a particular day

  • Gives helpful feedback to students who need encouragement

  • Provides supervision of students to ensure their safety

  • Assists with preparing materials, making copies, cutting or laminating materials

  • Assists in student conflict resolution

  • Collaborates with teachers to monitor progress and development of each child


  • Compassionate attitude and strong understanding of child development

  • Meets highly qualified standards

  • Previous experience is desired

  • Associates degree or 2 years of college

  • Excellent communication skills


4 hours per school day

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