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1st and 2nd  Grades

Mrs. Galvez


Mrs. Galvez has been teaching with us as our Kindergarten teacher and we are very excited for her to also have first grade this year.  



3rd and 4th Grades

5th and 6th grades

Mrs. Cutz


Welcome to the 4th, 5th and 6th grade classroom. I am passionate about teaching my students, and helping them to develop their character, to find their self worth, and to improve their talents. I love them. I validate them. I celebrate with them. I show them how to work hard and to find meaning in their work. In doing this, I provide learning experiences that include hands-on activities, large and small group discussions, student-directed projects, and team building.


I expect my students to treat others with respect and empathy. I want for them the gift Christ gives to us all when we seek a relationship with Him, and that is PEACE.


“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. Not as the world gives, but as I give. Therefore, do not let your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid” (John 14:27).

7th and 8th grades

Mr. Mitchell


Elementary Music

Mrs. Koch

In every elementary grade level, students have the opportunity to make and experience music twice a week in a group setting. Students sing, chant, play instruments, move, improvise, and create music regularly in the music room. They learn solfege, rhythm, form, performance techniques, and study various instruments including small percussion, recorders, ukuleles, guitars, and barred instruments (xylophones, etc). Students present two annual concerts, one at Christmas and one in the Spring, and occasionally performs at local constituent churches. Mrs. Koch is certified in Orff-Shulwerk Level One, and has studied Feierabend's method of Conversational Solfege.

Junior High Handbells (similar to LAA Aurora, with a few modifications)

In grades 7-8, students have the opportunity to learn to ring in Junior High Handbells, and many go on to ring in LAA Aurora, the high school handbell group. Handbells are a musical instrument that is similar to a piano, except the piano is taken apart so that each key is played individually. Members of the group are responsible for anywhere between 3 - 8 bells. This is a musical group unlike any other. The group consists of 12-13 students who each play their own notes. Any student missing causes a significant gap in the group. Students in handbells are expected to have a certain level of understanding of music reading and theory. It is very helpful if students have had instruction in piano. Students read and identify music notation, follow the director in dynamics and tempo, use a variety of ringing techniques (such as malleting, martellato, singing bell, etc.), and perform music in a variety of styles.The handbell group performs twice a year at concerts and occasionally plays in local constituent churches. Every 2-3 years the group participates in a local bell festival.

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