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LAA Choraleo (Mixed Chorus) (½ unit/semester)

In our high school choir, students learn and develop skills in vocal performance skills, musical leadership, choral ensemble, and sight-reading using solfege. We lead worship services at area churches, participate in festivals, and offer two annual concerts, Christmas and Spring. Conveying the message in our music is a major focus of the class, and so attendance and engaged participation are a major part of the student's grade. A highlight of the year is our spring tour (we visit places like Seattle, the Oregon coast, Northern California). We come together to create a community of singers and build lifelong positive vocal and spiritual habits.

Ossia (Vocal octet-by audition) (1 unit/semester)

Ossia is a select chorus of 8 people. The name Ossia means "alternative passage which may be played instead of the original passage," which is appropriate to the group's focus--to perform choral music that is different, fresh, and new. Members of Ossia work together to perform music that is largely a capella, which offers a challenge beyond the average singer. All singers in Ossia will also sing in Choraleo. Members learn and develop techniques for microphone and "unplugged" singing. As a choral group that performs regularly, membership in Ossia requires a year-long commitment and a dedication to personal vocal health.


Private Lessons (¼ unit/semester)


Private instruction in keyboard, voice, string, and band instruments is available to the student desiring to either begin or improve skills on an instrument or voice. Lesson include a fee.



LAA AURORA (High School Handbells) (½ unit/semester)


LAA Aurora is Livingstone's handbell group. Handbells are a musical instrument that is similar to a piano, except the piano is taken apart so that each key is played individually. Members of the group are responsible for anywhere between 3 - 8 bells. This is a musical group unlike any other. The group consists of 12-13 students who each play their own notes. Any student missing causes a significant gap in the group.Students in handbells are expected to have a certain level of understanding of music reading and theory. It is very helpful if students have had instruction in piano. Students read and identify music notation, follow the director in dynamics and tempo, use a variety of ringing techniques (such as malleting, martellato, singing bell, etc.), and perform music in a variety of styles.The handbell group performs in a variety of venues, including schools, churches, and Silver Falls State Park. Mostly the group plays in local constituent churches. Music at churches is a major outreach opportunity for students. Group members also enjoy attending handbell festivals, where they get to play together with groups from other schools.


Gardening (½ unit/semester)



Students will learn and participate in planing, preparing, growing ,and maintaining a productive garden/industry.  


Fitness (½ unit/semester)

Get in shape. Participate in a triatholon. 


Robotics (½ unit/semester)



Students focus on understanding the concept of gracious professionalism.  They will participate in "First Robotics", which is a nation-wide robotics competition.  They will learn how to design, build, and program a robot.  Students will learn how to design and print parts with a 3d printer as well as many other assembly methods.


Yearbook (½ unit/semester)

Make a yearbook for highschool or elementary

Course Description: In this class you will be making a yearbook. There are many aspects to this fun opportunity that take time and learning of new skills. You will have to learn how to do layouts on our program. You will have to learn to do photography, and some videography. You will use Lumapix, Illustrator, Photoshop, and maybe Indesign software. This class is a practical art and will help you learn skills for the workplace, specifically in design. You will learn communication, from customers and with peers. You will learn to do advertising and to take what a customer desires and make it a reality. You will practice precision and timeliness in your work.


Course Objectives:

1. Create a yearbook

2. Learn new software

3. Gain skills for a resume

4. Practice communication within a work team

5. Share your creativity 


Course Requirements:

1. A resume to get into yearbook

2. Yearbook Pages, an assigned number

3. Attend class

4. A specific job

5. Be involved

6. 150 Photos per quarter

7. 10 minutes of video per quarter


Breakdown of Scoring:

Attendance 15%: Come to class on time and follow the guidelines while there. Participate in activities and yearbook discussions.


Pages 40%: Complete your pages, advertising and other assignments.

Photos and Video 30%: You are the source for our pictures for the yearbook. You must take the required video and photos.


Resume 15%: You will be writing a resume to get into this class and making one to get out. This can be a helpful tool to get into any jobs in college. Specifically design jobs.

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