A Look at our New School

We are in the process of building a state-of-the-art new campus at our current location thanks to the generosity of Friends of Livingstone. The project will be completed in several different phases. The new school buildings will replace the current buildings on site. Stop by the school and see what progress has been made. If you would like to contribute please click the button below.

 Construction Update 
Summer Update

Less than two months until the 2019-2020 school year begins.  The school is 99 percent completed.  Please stop by for a tour.

Phase One
Phase Two
Phase Three

The first structures to be built is an Industrial Arts building, in which we will have classes such as automotive, woodworking, and welding in the near future. For now, it will be set up for our elementary classes to meet in until our new school is complete. Next comes the new gymnasium. It will have a little stage, two college-sized basketball courts, and one NBA-sized court running perpendicular. After completion of the gym, the old elementary school, cafeteria, and gym will be torn down.

This is all about our new school. Once the old elementary school, cafeteria, and gym are torn down, the construction crew will start building a state-of-the-art facility which will be able to hold over 175 students.

The elementary will be a single story wing set right where it used to be, while the high school will be in two-story wing and will be located where the old gym and cafeteria was. Connecting the two wings will be the administration offices, cafeteria, and music rooms.

The last phase of construction is renovation to our chapel. The crew will remove the modular buildings that currently house our high school classrooms, and then enlarge the chapel to almost double its current size. This will change it into an auditorium type building where we can have all of our programs instead of using the gym or other venues.